Arch Drawings

Hamilton’s new “Arch” series, as with his previous “Fourth Plinth” series, is a view from Trafalgar Square, this time looking the opposite direction downhill towards Admirality Arch.

The “Arch” motif derives from a photograph taken back in 2003 during a period of civil disturbance when the sculpture central to the composition was boarded up to protect it against riots.
Unrest and disturbance, and their beauty, are also main features in Hamilton’s latest drawing series. The deconstruction of a familiar place is pushed to an even further extreme.
A post- industrial, possibly post-Armageddon, post- futuristic somewhat bleak urban landscape is created and sometimes abolished. But any sense of maudlin romantic or futuristic nostalgia is defied. Negative assumptions are annihilated by the dynamic and constant flow of the compositions.
As in his previous series, a post-traumatic tranquillity settles into all his images and somehow prevails.

Hamilton’s thoughts wander in unorthodox logics creating unexpected fruitful connections Details of his drawings, like the details of our lives, might make sense and be comprehensible. Yet overall, and though created within acknowledged visual parameters, his drawings contain constantly evolving states of exceptions encompassing facts, impressions and emotions that are impossible to grasp.



Arch 1 82 x 96.8cm 2012



Arch 2 89.5 x 115.5 cm 2012



Arch 3 89.8 x 113.9 cm 2012



Arch 4 88.9 x 116 cm  2012



Arch 5 89.8 x 114.6 cm 2012



Arch 6 2013



Arch 7  2013




Arch 8  2013