Alex Hamilton

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Poster book from "The American Flag, words from the Fourth Amendment"

FLASH Review Redchurch Idler

Amending the 4th amendment
alters the constitution in one fell swoop,
leaving a junk document to provide
a halting lexical experience, viz
Arches & Seizures, a fragmentary
sous-texte that evokes dropped-off
shop signage on Main Street, set against
a background of swirling calligraphic
lines, a black & white banner to go
with the convulsive bop phrasings
of Alex Hamilton in ice trumpeter
video mode, his woolly-gloved jazz lampoon
of State pageantry and grandiloquence
also an autodestructive take on polar
meltdown, glottal buglings that
dissipate meaning, handiwork
inducing confusion & paralysis
in the flag-waving masses.